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Basic Camera – Black – S308

  • Hunting cameras are the best choice for observation of animal and home security.

  • The camera is made of ABS material, which is sturdy, rust-proof, durable and resistant to high and low temperatures.

  • Can be used with a mobile app, fashion and easy to use.

  • It makes animal monitoring a wonderful thing because of its super good stability.

  • The S308 is compact and cost-effective solutions for remote monitoring.

Easy  to use, NO need any professional electrician skills

Just just set the parameters according to the instructions and connect to power supply

Features of Basic Camera-Black-S308

  • The Spromise S308 camera combines rugged design with high-quality images.

  • Design features such as a large rubber sealing gasket and flush sealing surfaces provide a high level of water resistance.

  • A double hinged latch gives ample sealing pressure while allowing single handed operation. While being rugged on the outside.

  • The S308 also has all the features that make it a great trail camera on the inside, including 44 high output IR LED bulbs and an 12MP camera.

  • It also features Overwrite function which the camera will overwrite the oldest photo on the SD card with the most recent photo when the SD card is full.

  • Multiple Duty Time with separate trigger interval and time-Lapse interval allows you to set the camera to work in two different periods with different trigger interval and time lapse interval.

  • The Spromise camera offers an industry leading 2 years warranty on all cameras.

Details of S308

Model No. S308
Video Resolution 1080p @ 10fps with sound
Megapixel 12MP
Field of View 52 Degrees
Trigger Speed 0.6 Seconds
Trigger Interval 0 sec – 60 mins
Motion Sensing Range 30 meters
PIR Sensors 1 pcs
Waterproof IP66
Flash Black Flash, 44x940nm IR LEDs
Display 2 inch LCD Colour
Sensitivity Adjustable PIR
UV protection of Camo pain (camo pain will no fade for upto 3 years) Yes
Photo Burst 1-10 shots
Timer Yes ( 2 timer modes – start time and stop time)
Memory Loop over write Yes (for continuous recording)
Batteries 12 AA or 6 Volt ext battery or solar
Dimensions 152 x 127 x 89mm
Memory card up to 32Gb
USB cable 1 pcs
CPE bag 1 pcs
Camera strap 1 pcs

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